Individual Donation

Your support of LifeWorks is our life blood and as such is critical to the success of the work we do. You may choose to support us with money, goods, or professional services. Each of these opportunities is outlined below where you will find a list of program support opportunities, a wish list of specific goods needed (updated frequently) and contact information for larger (5k and up) business and corporate opportunities.

You may donate to LifeWorks any time via this link. You will be brought to the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Centers convenient donor's page where you will find a host of donor options.

OR – you can write a check in any amount, made out to LifeWorks and mail it to:
1125 N. McCadden Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

ADDITIONALLY, both individuals and business/corporations may choose to support one of our targeted "Ladder Programs" aimed at specific areas of Youth Development. (see below for a list of current programs)


Career & Secondary Education Counseling
If you are, or know a Job or College counselor or HR specialist who is interested in donating time
on a regular basis to assist our Youth in planning college curriculum or prep for job interviews
please contact: Sofia Smith, Program Manager at [email protected]

BookClub draws our Youth into the world of reading with published works of note. We maintain
a wish list of books approximately 14 copies of each are needed at a time. Please see our
complete wish list below if you would like to supply books. *If you are an author and would like
to submit your works for consideration to BookClub,
Please contact: Erica Springer, Development at:[email protected]

PenPushers is our Spoken Word program. Youth are lead through the creative process that leads
to both written and spoken word performance. Learning to express a narrative through writing
is just one way we help our Youth learn to express themselves in a meaningful and positive way.
We can always make use of lined journal books (available at most bookstores)
Please contact: Erica Springer, Development at:[email protected]

OutSide Voices
collaboration with the acclaimed LA Gay Men's Chorus, our Youth are working on a newly
formed mixed LGBT chorus. This groundbreaking collaboration can use your support financially,
or with snacks for rehearsal days (once weekly) or music stands.
Please contact: Erica Springer, Development at:[email protected]

The young filmmakers' collaboration with OutFest. 5 Groups of young people take their own,
original short films from concept, to script, to production to finished product. These films
are exhibited in the short films program of Outfest. Your support of OutSet will be seen by
audiences in many venues including the Outfest Film Festival in July. Financial support, specific
equipment as well as craft services, wardrobe, hair/make up and more is all needed.
Please contact: Erica Springer, Development at:[email protected]

Mentoring Night
Wednesday evenings we gather as a community for dinner, and presentations of movies,
speakers, and topics of interest to our youth. We are always on the lookout for Restaurants,
Caterers, Food Trucks, and gift cards to local Supermarkets so that we can provide dinner for
approximately 30 Young People each and every week of the year. On average, this works out to
$150 weekly. Donors to Mentoring Night are always listed as sponsors on our HomePage – and are
invited to our Holiday Party each year so that our Youth may thank them in person.
Please contact: Erica Springer, Development at:[email protected]

Health and Fitness
each of the programs listed below can use your support both financially as well as to
compensate team leaders, instructors, uniforms, equipment and more.
Please contact: Erica Springer, Development at:[email protected]
we currently offer:
Kundalini Yoga
Supernova Martial Arts
LifeOuts (Hikes, Volley Ball, Bike Rides, Ice Skating, and Bowling)

Wish List

All of the items support the needs of LifeWorks youth members. Many will be included in our LifePerks Incentives Program, offering our members the opportunity to "buy" items they need with points they earn for their participation in LifeWorks programs.


  1. 16 Passenger Van
  2. Digital Cameras (10)
  3. Computers (10) (Mac preferred)                                   Donated                6/24/2014
  4. Refrigerator                                                                       Donated                6/11/2014
  5. Microwave                                                                          Donated                3/25/2013
  6. Chairs (4 chairs—not office)                                          Donated                6/24/2014
  7. Licensed Software : Photoshop Suite, Final Cut Pro X, Mavis Beacon,  (Mac Version & PC)
  8. Spinet Piano or Electric equivalent
  9. Digital Video Cameras
  10. Digital Cameras & DSLR 35mm cameras
  11. Flat Screen TV with Wifi Connection                           Donated                3/18/2013
  12. VCR (Blu Ray)                                                                  Donated                3/18/2013
  13. Projector:  View Sonic  (HDMI, AV inputs)                   Donated                2/11/2013
  14. Projector Screen


  1. Cultural passes: museums that charge fees, theatre tickets, memberships, etc.
  2. Athletic Equipment: Martial Arts, football, softball, workout apparel
  3. LGBT youth themed DVDS and Books (see wish list)
  4. School supplies- notebooks, pens, backpacks, planners, folders, etc.


  1. Dinner for 30 one Wednesday per month
  2. Snacks for youth program – granola bars, fruit, yogurt, string cheese,
  3. Beverages for youth program - juices, water, etc.


  1. Personal Hygiene Items (Travel Size) - deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, lotion, etc.
  2. Branded Clothing- Hats, T-shirts, Windbreakers, Hoodies, etc.
  3. Pride paraphernalia - rainbow stickers, necklaces, bracelets
  4. Nintendo Wii and/or PlayStation 4


  1. Gift Cards: gas, retail stores (Target), iTunes, Visa, Amex gift cards, food outlets
  2. Public Transportation Vouchers & Tokens
  3. Movie Passes
  4. USB Flash Drives