Each year, LifeWorks awards money to eligible LGBTQA youth and by applying to the LifeWorks scholarship, you may be considered for the Tate Renegade Thorson Memorial Scholarship.  The Tate Renegade Thorson Memorial Scholarship is specifically for transgender youth. 

We also have an NBCUniversal Media Scholarship—students must be studying an area of media to be eligible. This scholarship is a tuition grant based on financial need only.  Because NBCUniversal aims to support careers in media and entertainment applicants must be an undergraduate majoring--or for High School senior, declaring a major or pursuing education in media, including but not limited to:  Advertising, Broadcasting, Digital media, Graphic Design, Website Development, Journalism, communications or Public Relations. **This scholarship can be applied for in conjunction with the other scholarship or separately.

Online applications are NOW available. Scholarships are awarded May 21st from 6pm-9pm at the GLBTA Scholarship Night at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center's Village at Ed Gould Plaza | 1125 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038


LifeWorks & Tate Renegade: Apply HERE!

NBCUniversal Scholarship: Apply HERE!

In order to be considered:

High School Applicants:

College Applicants:

*Scholarships are based on need.  We also provide scholarship for continuing education.