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LifeWorks Weekly Programs

LifeWorks weekly programs is your opportunity to meet other LGBTQ youth and allies in a social and affirming setting. Weekly programs are designed to empower you to grow in the areas of Home, Health, Career, Education, and Personal Development in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. If you have any questions about our programs, contact us at 323-860-7373.


Tuesdays 3pm-4pm (Walk-in)
This is an opportunity for youth and/or parents/guardians and allies to find out all about LifeWorks and what we have to offer LGBTQ youth and allies. You will meet on-one-one with one of our staff members and they will go over all of LifeWorks current programs and events and hopefully find the right one(s) for you!

If you cannot make it to our walk-in orientation on Tuesdays, contact us to schedule an alternative day and time at (323)860-7373.



Mondays 6pm-8pm
Through activism and community, the members of TAG engage socially, politically, and personally with the struggles facing trans* youth, while celebrating and nourishing their identities.


Tuesday 4:00p-6:00p 
StepUp provides an opportunity for peers to relate to one another, in an open safe space in order to discuss anything going on in their life: ie/ school, relationships, family. It allows peers to talk with one another and help to guide each other through every day problems. These youth-inspired groups are a great place for new members of LifeWorks!


One Saturday a month (follow LifeWorks Mentoring on Facebook & lifeworksla on IG for dates/times)
This is a unique workshop space that happens one Saturday a month. LifeWorks Connect brings together LGBTQ youth & strong allied adults to create a mentoring space where everyone is learning, connecting, and supporting one another.  Think of this as a fun & loving community group with a touch of Models of Pride workshops to support our growth & development. A meal will be provided.

Friday 4pm-6pm, Saturday 12:30pm-2:30pm
This is the only martial arts dojo (place of learning) in Southern California serving exclusively LGBT youth and is taught by members of the LGBT community. A safe and accepting space for youth members of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, Supernova focuses on a unique blend of self-defense (both physical and verbal), utilizing Brazilian jujitsu, boxing, wrestling, taekwondo, and muay thai. Our classes were created Sensei Ryka Aoki (a force of nature all her own).


Join us for LifeOut! LifeOut Events are monthly opportunities for you to get out into the community and have some fun. We organize hikes in the mountains, bike rides, picnics, beach trips—and even trips to special events like LGBTQ theater productions, LA Film Festivals like Outfest and Fusion, and the GLAAD Awards! This is a great way to try something new and meet other LGBTQ youth.

SPECIALTY PROGRAMS (by application)
All of our specialty programs require our youth members to learn the value of commitment, which we know is critical to their personal and professional development. Each of these programs has its own focus and duration as outlined below.  
These are programs outside of the everyday, regular scope of LifeWorks. OutSet film class,  LifeWorksTheatre Program, Community Action Network, and Pen Pushers writing workshop.